Why Très Bien?

Simply because you are SPECIAL, our COMMITMENT to customer satisfaction ranks tops on our list of priorities and best of all we believe in CUTTING COST without compromising quality. TRÈS BIEN can handle any EVENT effortlessly and assures an event like no other… every time, because our business is events all day, every day.

We deliver your dreams

We know how important your event is and all the features that matter. Being professionals and sticklers for excellence, our experienced team will ensure it runs without hitch or glitch

Our network of the finest vendors/suppliers who take great pride in their work is exceptional. We can source all aspects of your event that you have always dreamt about, including some that you never would have imagined. We are teeming with ideas to give your event that bespoke touch making it truly YOURS!. We would be there to check any hiccup that may crop up during the event or last minute change in plans or additional requests. Everything possible will be done, to ensure that we make good our promise of a truly memorable event.

To Your Desire We Aspire

Detailed planning starts with the initial FREE consultation, where we sit down with you. Discuss your event and your dreams for it.

  • Venue sourcing to suit your fancy

  • Vendor/Supplier sourcing reflecting your style

  • Time management by setting out an itinerary that allows you TIME for yourself, so that for you it’s less stress and business as usual!

  • Budget management: ensuring that your budget is maintained or cut down through fantastic deals and discounts we can arrange for you.

  • Regular progress reports and meetings for the duration of the planning period, which guarantees that you make informed decisions.

  • An individual payment plan tailored to suit you because with Tres Bien there are always options.

  • Attendance on the day so that you can enjoy spending time with your guests with the knowledge that we will make it all fall in place for you.